Excellent and interesting places to travel in Maui

The Island of Maui is second largest of Hawaiian Islands and many of the research say that it is the 17th largest Island in United States. Maui is part State of Hawaii and it is the perfect tourist place to travel with your family members. As everyone knows Maui is known for dramatic scenery, beautiful places and surfing. This island lies on west of Big Island of Hawaii and it is separated from by Alenuihaha channel. Maui is consistently named the world’s largest Island. According to the studies says that it has more miles of the swimmable beaches when compared to another Island in Hawaii.

Interesting reasons to visit Maui with your friends

  • Awesome weather- It has average temperatures which range from 26C to 31C. Although weather in Maui might change instantly. In a rainy season, you might see single or double rainbows. Studies show that Maui has two kinds of seasons like summer and winter. You can find more numbers of resorts on Maui so that you can visit this place with your family members.
  • Whale watching- Every winter, more than thousands of humpback whales move around to Hawaii warm ocean water from Alaska. Humpback whale spend whole summer month in Alaska and once the water become too cold then it start to begin their journey to South, The whale may migrate around 5600 km that might take 6-8 weeks till it reach water of Maui.
  • Haleakala national park: In fact Maui was formed with several volcanoes and Haleakala is called as East Maui volcano and it forms more than ¾ of Maui Island. Remaining of island is formed by older volcano like west Maui Mountains or Mauna Kahalawai.
  • Waterfall swimming: Most of the waterfalls on Maui are on North side of Island so just pack your swimming suit. In this Island, waters are very refreshing and crystal clear.
  • Snorkeling: One of the best activities on Maui is snorkeling and it is the best spot for this activity. There are more numbers of the famous places are there in Maui such as La-Perouse State Park, Honolua Bay, Ka’anapali beach, big beach near Makena and Ulua beach park on south west side of island.

Best things you can do in Maui

  • Iao valley- It is one of the wettest place in the world. The Iao valley is pure, lush and mountainous region. This area is rich in the ancient Hawaiian history and if you visit this place then you can know about their city culture in detail.
  • Kahului- It home to largest airport and Kahului is the commercial center of the island. Wailuku is the local and cultural center. However it has largely become industrial center of the Maui. This city has more numbers of international airports such as Kahului heliport, International terminal and cargo flight.
  • Kanaio coast: It is the most desolate area on Maui and Kanaio coast stretches from Makena. This road is made up of Piilani highway, Kula highway, Ulupalakua highway and hana highway. This coast could be accessed by coast. If you visit this place with your friends then you should not miss this place.
  • Molokini crater: Basically Molokini crater continues for running underwater for around two hundred yards. This place is famous for elusive octopus and numerous numbers of the reasons are there to visit this place such as sceneries. In case you first time visit this island then you are recommended to book Maui family portrait which is one of the best ways to enjoy your trip. Take a time to capture some amazing sunset moments with your friends.

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