Different places to visit Maui with your family members

Within the Hawaiian-Island family, Maui is the best place to visit with your family members because it has radiantly beautiful beach and iconic sceneries. The valley Isle brings repeat travelers in each year. People interest to visit Maui for views of Technicolor sunset from the Catamaran when you are in cruise amid lush islands. Luckily this island is blessed with excellent weather throughout the year. The dry season might last from April to October and rainy season lasts from November to March. Generally May to October is the perfect time to visit Maui because it has excellent weather.

Awesome travel guide to visit Maui

  • The history: sugar plantations: As everyone knows Maui is famous for its coastline resorts. However this island is best known for sugar cane production. More numbers of studies says that Maui is second biggest island. At the same time, the valley Isle had more than 36000 acres of cane land that could be used by the home town sugar processing company HC&S.
  • The shopping: Front Street in Lahaina: This place has more numbers of local boutiques and rich painting galleries. Within 40 minute you can visit this place from Kahului airport. Front Street is located in the northwest coast of Island and features close to mile of historic landmarks and shops. If you are a food lover then you must visit Front Street because you can find more numbers of food which starts from delicious seafood to authentic Boston chic pizza.
  • The road trips: Road to Hana: Actually road trip to Maui is difficult one because it is the Island. But hana highway or road to hana is sixty eight miles of the abundant tropical Hawaiian rainforest which may captivate with its cascading scenic coastlines and waterfalls. You are recommended to pack your bags, cliff hanging views and prepare yourself for all day adventure of the winding roads. This place is the home to 59 one lane bridges and 606 curves.
  • Ho’okipa State Beach Park: Actually Ho’okipa is known for its tranquil setting and it is most famous spot for the water sports. Not only you will find calm sandy shores but also many spot on Hawaiian green sea turtle. Ho’okipa is offering the calm tide pools fro explore the island.
  • Abundance of the outdoor activities: Maui boasts are providing plenty of options to outdoor adventure. In this place, you can do golfing, horseback riding, hiking, laidback land lover and other kinds of activities.


Interesting places you can visit in Maui

  • Thriving art scene: Maui is home to the number of top of line art galleries which showcase everything from painting to ceramic. The town of the Lahaina is reputation for its art market with more amounts of galleries of featuring work. Friday “Art night”, you can get an opportunity to chat with your favorite artists, view their work and celebrate arts with festivals and music. When you explore the Maui art scene then you should not forget to check out Maui art and cultural center.
  • Cuisine: While you visit Maui, you must try some unique cuisine on Island and Maui is the birthplace of the culinary movement which is called as Hawaii regional cuisine and it might combine fresh island ingredients with the European and Asian influences.
  • Breathtaking natural views: Everyone knows Maui is the best destination for beautiful beaches and it is most famous one for its natural wonders. The magical island is popular one for misty mountains, boasts rolling hills, cascading waterfalls and botanical gardens. Drive along scenic hana highway until and unless you reach Haleakala national park.

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